Lounsbury Chevrolet is your leader for tire storage in Moncton, New Brunswick. Don't keep your dirty summer tires in your house during winter tire season? Let Lounsbury Chevrolet store them for you! We have a clean, state of the art storage center that houses more than 1200 tires. At Lounsbury Chevrolet, we properly guard and store your tires in a climate-controlled environment to ensure that they're in peak condition and ready for your car when summer comes back.

Why Store Your Winter Tires With Lounsbury Chevrolet:

  • Hassle-free tire changing and storage.
  • Dedicated service representatives to give you the best advice on your tires
  • Proper storage conditions to ensure best tire performance
  • Clean storage means no more wasted space in your house or garage
  • Convenient service that assures your peace of mind